Guide To Pressure Washing Your Car

Pressure Washing Your Car

Are you planning on pressure washing your car? Seeing the dirt come off your wheels without difficulty when you pressure wash your car can be quite enjoyable.

However, even though it’s a fun thing to do it, it is important to bear in mind that pressure washers are not toys. You should therefore follow the guide to pressure washing your car below when using them.

Electric is Ideal

Because vehicles have glass windows and are covered in paint, they require low pressure.

Inspect The Paint

Prior to pressure washing your vehicle make sure that you inspect the paint work; that way you will know the areas where the paint work is damaged. Inspection is necessary because water can make its way through paint defects and other surrounding areas causing paint damage to larger sections of the car.

Point That Gun Elsewhere

The first time you press the trigger on the pressure washer, the first blast is usually very powerful. Because of that you should ensure that you never point the lance at the vehicle when you initially press the trigger.

You should also not put the tip of the washer against the side of the vehicle because this might result in serious damage to the paint and panels; the repair job can be expensive.

Nozzles and Detergent

Choose a pressure washer that you can use with detergent as the detergent will leave your vehicle cleaner and shinier. Without detergent you will not have the same result.

Plus, it is also important to make certain that you opt for the right detergent, the type that will not damage your car.
Pressure washers come with various kinds of nozzles or sprays. So, when you decide to buy one opt for the type that comes with a soft water spray for applying detergent as well as a water stream for rinsing that is tougher.

pressure washing your car
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Good Pressure Washer Tips For Washing Your Car

You want to ensure that you wash your vehicle on a surface that is solid, for instance a concrete driveway.
A soft surface like grass is not ideal with a pressure washer because the result will be a mud bath. Also, using your pressure washer on gravel is not recommended because not only will the gravel fly up and damage your car, this will also result in a mud bath.

Wheels and Long Hose

There are pressure washers that come complete with wheels, making it easier to change positions. If you buy one without wheels you will be burdened with lifting it up all the time. With a long hose it will also be easier to move around the vehicle without having to move the washer constantly.

Avoid Opening The Hood

The engine is that part of a vehicle that is usually very expensive to repair. Using a high-powered pressure washer to clean the engine can easily damage some of the engine parts. Therefore, keep the hood closed when you clean your vehicle.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

To make sure that you stay dry when pressure washing your car, always wear the right type of clothing. Your eyes can be protected by wearing goggles and for your feet you can wear steel cap boots.

Get To Hard to Reach Areas With Ease

The dirtiest and hardest to reach area is normally the bottom of the car. A good tip to clean that area more effectively without breaking your back is to buy an angled extension lance. This will give you the extra angle required to wash the bottom of the vehicle.

Close The Windows

Make sure that all the car windows are closed. Check more than once as getting the interior wet can result in mould, a damp smell and you might even be forced to replace the car.

Plus, make sure that you don’t use the washer inside the boot of the vehicle.

Leaking Seals

When pressure hosing the vehicle avoid spraying the panel joints directly for too long because this can result in leaks. It is actually a good idea to inspect the interior for any leaks after washing the car as this could be a sign of leaking and worn seals.

Old Tyres

Avoid pressure washing old tyres with a very forceful spray as old tyres can easily explode.

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The techniques they use clean cars in such a way that the paint is not damaged. It is their job to ensure that the engine is left in good condition and the interior will be shining like a gorgeous diamond.

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