How to Clean your Car Windows Properly

Helpful Guide to Car Window Cleaning

Keeping the windows and windshield of your car clean helps to improve the overall appearance of your car. Car window cleaning also helps improve visibility which allows for safer driving.

It can be difficult when cleaning your car windows to avoid being left with a streaky, messy finish that makes it even more difficult to see through than before.

To achieve squeaky clean crystal clear windows, it is important that you use the right techniques and products. To know more about how to clean car window, read the following guidelines listed below.

How to clean car interior windows?

When cleaning the inside glass of your car, avoid spraying the glass cleaner directly on the windows. Spraying directly can lead to wastage of the cleaner as only half of it actually strikes the window, while the rest spills on the interior components of your car.

As a result, not only is your clean up work increased, the plastic parts of your car interiors are also at a risk of being stained or damaged due to the presence of chemicals in them. To clean car interior glass, spray the cleaner on a cloth and then wipe the window.

car window cleaning

Use a microfiber cloth:

Although soft to touch, microfiber absorbs the glass cleaner and gently scrub away dirt from the windows. They are better cleaning option when compared to paper towels that shred easily or newspapers that leave behind ink stains over your car interiors while cleaning.

Wiping instructions:

When using a glass cleaner to wipe the glass, move in an up and down motion and then to the side to side motions. This will leave behind fewer streaks than when wiped in circular motions.

How to clean exterior car windows?

Washing your car first before cleaning the exterior windows will help eliminate much of dirt and bugs as possible and make your job cleaning windows easier.

Unlike interior windows cleaning, spray the cleaner directly on the exterior windows.

This will help dissolve the dirt stuck on the windows and make your wiping job easier. When cleaning front or back windshield, ensure that you do it sections to prevent the glass cleaner from drying before you get to it.

car window cleaning

Use a microfiber cloth:

Using a microfiber cloth for cleaning car exterior windows helps keep them squeaky clean. Ensure you use separate microfiber cloth the exterior and interior car window cleaning.

When cleaning outside windows, follow the similar wiping motions as inside glass cleaning, but use more pressure to eliminate the dirt and bugs stuck to the glass.

For best results, always clean windows in the shade or cooler temperatures. This will help prevent the cleaner from drying up before you can wipe it. You can also contact Diamond Finish Car Detailing for a faster and efficient outcome.

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