Benefits Of Car Detailing Services

Benefits Of Car Detailing

Every car owner always wants his car to look new and clean. However, due to wear and tear caused over time, your car can often lose its glossy shine and look unkempt and unclean. One of the best ways to revamp your car is to opt for car detailing. Unlike a car wash that only helps remove loose dirt from your car exteriors, car detailing provides a series of services that can help restore your vehicle to its original look.

So, the next time you notice stubborn dirt on your car seats or find that the wax on your car has faded, it’s time that you get a car detailing service. The services include-

  • Shampooing of floor carpet, seats and mat upholstery
  • Vacuuming the car interiors, engine and trunk cleaning
  • Waxing and polishing is car exteriors to cover cracks and crevices
  • Repairing windshield and glass
  • Headlight restoration for clearer vision at night
  • Dent repairing services
  • Scratched and chipped paint services

Although car detailing services can be done in different phases, neglecting any part of the car can affect the overall objective of car detailing.

benefits of car detailing
Maintaining the car interiors not only helps preserve the aesthetic value of your car but also helps keep the interiors clean and germ-free.

Listed below are some benefits of car detailing.

• Preserves the original look of the car. Car detailing services help keep your car looking swanky new despite the years of service. It keeps your car well- preserved also helps increase the lifespan of the vehicle.
• Restores paint, fabric and worn out parts. Dust and dirt often tend to accumulate on the interior fabrics and may cause the seat covers to tear or have stains on them.
• Maintaining the car interiors not only helps preserve the aesthetic value of your car but also helps keep the interiors clean and germ-free.
• Boosts sale value of your car. Regular car detailing services helps uphold the value of your car and provide good resale value.
• Enables safe drive.

Car detailing services takes care of problems such as dim lights, faulty engine or broken windshields. When these aspects are fixed and checked, it reduces the risk of accidents, ensuring that your car is safe to be used by you and other road users.


Most people perceive car detailing services to be an intensive cleaning service. However, it must be noted that such services not only include deep car cleaning but also includes restoring and repairing of engines and functionalities found faulty or damaged. The services go beyond beautifying your vehicle as it also prioritizes your safety as well as customization of both interiors and exteriors.

The cost of the services depends on the type of the service required and is usually outlined by a professional car expert. To keep your car looking and performing it’s best; it is highly recommended that every car owner has his detail servicing done regularly.

If you are looking for car detailing specialist in Perth, Diamond Finish Car Detailing is here to help. We are experienced in car detailing services and provide services in detailing sports car, family cars, 4WD’s, company cars corporate cars and high-performance vehicles on the go. We also provide car detailing packages to suit your requirements and budget.

Guide To Pressure Washing Your Car

Pressure Washing Your Car

Are you planning on pressure washing your car? Seeing the dirt come off your wheels without difficulty when you pressure wash your car can be quite enjoyable.

However, even though it’s a fun thing to do it, it is important to bear in mind that pressure washers are not toys. You should therefore follow the guide to pressure washing your car below when using them.

Electric is Ideal

Because vehicles have glass windows and are covered in paint, they require low pressure.

Inspect The Paint

Prior to pressure washing your vehicle make sure that you inspect the paint work; that way you will know the areas where the paint work is damaged. Inspection is necessary because water can make its way through paint defects and other surrounding areas causing paint damage to larger sections of the car.

Point That Gun Elsewhere

The first time you press the trigger on the pressure washer, the first blast is usually very powerful. Because of that you should ensure that you never point the lance at the vehicle when you initially press the trigger.

You should also not put the tip of the washer against the side of the vehicle because this might result in serious damage to the paint and panels; the repair job can be expensive.

Nozzles and Detergent

Choose a pressure washer that you can use with detergent as the detergent will leave your vehicle cleaner and shinier. Without detergent you will not have the same result.

Plus, it is also important to make certain that you opt for the right detergent, the type that will not damage your car.
Pressure washers come with various kinds of nozzles or sprays. So, when you decide to buy one opt for the type that comes with a soft water spray for applying detergent as well as a water stream for rinsing that is tougher.

pressure washing your car
For those times when you simply don’t have the time and strength to clean your car, at Diamond Finish Car Detailing you will be offered FULL EXTERIOR HIGH PRESSURE WASH AND RINSE.

Good Pressure Washer Tips For Washing Your Car

You want to ensure that you wash your vehicle on a surface that is solid, for instance a concrete driveway.
A soft surface like grass is not ideal with a pressure washer because the result will be a mud bath. Also, using your pressure washer on gravel is not recommended because not only will the gravel fly up and damage your car, this will also result in a mud bath.

Wheels and Long Hose

There are pressure washers that come complete with wheels, making it easier to change positions. If you buy one without wheels you will be burdened with lifting it up all the time. With a long hose it will also be easier to move around the vehicle without having to move the washer constantly.

Avoid Opening The Hood

The engine is that part of a vehicle that is usually very expensive to repair. Using a high-powered pressure washer to clean the engine can easily damage some of the engine parts. Therefore, keep the hood closed when you clean your vehicle.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

To make sure that you stay dry when pressure washing your car, always wear the right type of clothing. Your eyes can be protected by wearing goggles and for your feet you can wear steel cap boots.

Get To Hard to Reach Areas With Ease

The dirtiest and hardest to reach area is normally the bottom of the car. A good tip to clean that area more effectively without breaking your back is to buy an angled extension lance. This will give you the extra angle required to wash the bottom of the vehicle.

Close The Windows

Make sure that all the car windows are closed. Check more than once as getting the interior wet can result in mould, a damp smell and you might even be forced to replace the car.

Plus, make sure that you don’t use the washer inside the boot of the vehicle.

Leaking Seals

When pressure hosing the vehicle avoid spraying the panel joints directly for too long because this can result in leaks. It is actually a good idea to inspect the interior for any leaks after washing the car as this could be a sign of leaking and worn seals.

Old Tyres

Avoid pressure washing old tyres with a very forceful spray as old tyres can easily explode.

Maybe you are driving a car that is dirty; something can be done about it. For those times when you simply don’t have the time and strength to clean your car, at Diamond Finish Car Detailing you will be offered FULL EXTERIOR HIGH PRESSURE WASH AND RINSE.

The techniques they use clean cars in such a way that the paint is not damaged. It is their job to ensure that the engine is left in good condition and the interior will be shining like a gorgeous diamond.

What is important to note is that they are 100% mobile. They will come to you with everything and that includes water. So, whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet of cars, they can offer their services where many other companies can’t. This is a great convenience which Diamond Finish Car Detailing are very happy to offer their customers.

Why Detail Your Car?

Car Detailing

You spend money on routine maintenance, special accessories, and car repairs. You may think you’re doing a good job of keeping your car in optimum shape. With all the money you spend on maintenance, you may not want to spend any extra on detailing. However, there are many advantages of investing in auto detailing.

Initially, you may think car detailing is something owners have done before an important event, such as a wedding, graduation, or other celebration. Detailing can make your car shinier and cleaner, both inside and out. But detailing also provides some additional benefits for car owners.

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing means cleaning the car from top to bottom, inside and out. It involves using special tools and cleaning products to get the interior spotless. In addition, special polish is applied to the exterior to brighten the paint. Wheels and rims are made spotless and shiny with products specifically made for them. In addition, some detailers may offer cosmetic touch ups.

The goal of detailing a car is to remove any scratches or swirls from the exterior, while making the interior look like new again. When detailing is complete, many cars look like they were just driven off the lot.

The methods and products used in detailing will vary from one service to another, though similar tools are used to produce the end result. For the exterior, detailing will typically include washing the exterior, removing water marks and soap residue with a clay product, and then polishing to give the paint a high gloss. Often, the process is completed when a sealant is applied.

car detailing

Overview: Why detail your car?

– Pride

Driving in a car that’s clean inside and outside can give car owners a sense of pride. It sends a message that you take pride in what you own and know how to properly care for your car. If you’re the parents of a bride or groom, members of the wedding party, or will use the car to transport the bride and groom, detailing the car a day or two before the wedding can make a lasting impression on guests. Often wedding parties take pictures, so a clean shiny exterior and interior helps create memorable photos.

– Making a Good Impression

If you have an important event or job interview coming up, it may be a good time to consider car detailing. How you present yourself, in terms of being neat, clean, and polished is important. Many hiring managers and HR staff will see what type of car you drive, to determine if you can get to work reliably. A detailed car can make an older model look newer.

– Removing germs and harmful organisms from inside

There are thousands, if not millions of germs circulating through the air in your car. This is especially true if you typically transport an entire family or several people. Dirt and debris make good hiding places for germs to live and multiply. Removing it and cleaning the interior from top to bottom can greatly reduce the number of germs in the car.

– Increase the value of the vehicle

Whether you’re selling the car yourself or trading it in, a good detailing job can make the car look great and help you get as much money as possible. Buyers look for car maintenance, to determine how well sellers have cared for the car.

Car Detailing in Perth

No need to interrupt your day; car detailing doesn’t have to be a heartache. At home, work or fleet location; wherever you are in Perth, we can come to you. Diamond Finish Car Detailing have experience in detailing a variety of cars, corporate fleets, 4WDs, sports cars, family cars and high performance vehicles. Any situation, budget; we have car detailing packages to meet your individual needs.

Vacuuming Your Car Like A Pro

Car Vacuum Perth

Your car needs constant vacuuming to clean it of dirt collected from food & dust particles, wrappings, to pet hair and other allergens. The limited pollen of a clean car makes it a healthier place to be in if you have problems such as asthma and allergies.

Follow the steps given below to clean your car and its seats.

  • To vacuum clean your car, you will require a powerful vacuum cleaner along with different kinds of brushes and attachments. Attachments such as wide, narrow, and soft brushes help in reaching all parts of your car’s interior.
  • Remove personal belongings and trash from your car. Collect them and put them in a bag or the wastebasket.
  • Remember to check the holders, door pockets, and floor of the car for such items.
  • Use the vacuum without any attachments to remove the accumulated loose dust. For best results, remove the floor mats before vacuuming and shake them over a wastebasket to remove large pieces of dirt.
  • Now vacuum the mat to remove stuck particles. Use wide attachments when cleaning large floor areas and employ extenders for reaching areas like those beneath the seat. Use smaller attachments for reaching areas between seats, the console, and the floor pedals.
  • Use a stiff brush to remove dirt trapped in the fibres as vacuuming only removes dirt from the surface. Ensure that you use a brush that does not remove carpet fibre. Use a soft brush for nooks, vents, and areas the vacuum cleaner cannot reach.
  • Vacuum the dust accumulated after brushing
car vacuum perth
Your car needs constant vacuuming to clean it of dirt collected from food & dust particles, wrappings, to pet hair and other allergens.
  • To remove fine dirt and dust, vacuum using attachments like soft bristle brush and low profile head and soft bristle brush attachments. Use the bristle brush in areas like tight seams where dust is likely to hide.
  • Remember to vacuum the hidden areas under the seats. If possible, move the seats to ease the cleaning task. Move the seat forward and then backward to remove dust from the back and front respectively.
  • If the carpet is soiled or stained, spray carpet cleaner on the affected areas. Remember to follow directions provided by the carpet spray manufacturer. Vacuum the carpet to remove the cleaner. Repeat the process if the area is not clean.
  • Remove bad carpet odors by sprinkling freshener. You can also use baking soda. Vacuum the carpet a couple of minutes after applying the freshener.
  • Vacuuming the car makes sure that the vehicle is spotless and does not contain dust particles that might cause breathing problems such as asthma. This process enhances the look of the car, ensures that the interior is intact, and increases its lifespan, giving the car a better resale value.
  • However, you need to vacuum your car in an orderly manner to make sure that you remove all of the dust and dirt without damaging the interior of your vehicle. You should only use the appropriate vacuum cleaner along with its attachments to ensure that all areas of your car are clean and that all pet hair, dust, and dirt have been removed.

Instead of taking a risk with your car, contact Diamond Finish Car Detailing, a car vacuum Perth specialists today.

Benefits Of Using Mobile Car Wash

Mobile Car Wash Perth

The mobile car wash has become a quality feature to an increasing number of individuals in Perth. It permits them to keep their beloved possessions maintained and clean in spite of the worst drought in history.

This is even better if the mobile car wash company uses steam for cleaning, as steam lifts grime and dirt from surfaces without the need of using harsh chemicals and stiff brushes. Therefore, there are no ugly scratches or paint swirls that ruin the beauty of your prized possession. At the end, you will have a vehicle that is shiny and beautiful from top to bottom. All this is done with minimal use of water.

Aesthetics apart, what other benefits do you stand to gain from a mobile car wash Perth Company that uses steam cleaning?


mobile car wash perth
It is great to have a clean car, but at Diamond Finish Car Detailing, our social responsibility is to save water and keep the environment clean. Therefore, your best option is to opt for a mobile car wash company that uses steam cleaning.

Mobile Car Wash: 5 Benefits

1. Comfort and convenience

Comfort and convenience are unarguably the top benefits a mobile car wash service can provide to individuals like you. You no longer need to line up in tunnel car washes as well as no more traffic. You can have the task done wherever you wish — be it at the gym, your office, the parking lot of your child’s school, or your driveway. This provides you with more time to spend with your loved ones.

2. Health

Do you know that the interior of your car is full of bacteria and germs that can put your health at risk? You can prevent this by steam cleaning the interior of your car. Apart from reaching the darkest and deepest recesses of your car, steam kills bacteria and germs upon contact.

3. Safety

A mobile car wash offering specialty professional detailing services can prevent the chances of accidents by keeping the vital areas of your car as functional and clean as possible. For example, steam cleaning the engine can help prevent engine fires. Properly cleaned headlights allow you to view the road clearly during night and make you more visible to other drivers too.


Car detailied
The mobile car wash has become a quality feature to an increasing number of individuals in Perth. It permits them to keep their beloved possessions maintained and clean in spite of the worst drought in history.

4. Added durability

Waxing is a service that you should not miss when selecting a car mobile wash company, as this procedure protects the paint of your car against ravages from natural elements like snow, rain, UV rays, stone chips, sand, and so forth.

5. Eco friendly option

It is great to have a clean car, but at Diamond Finish Car Detailing, our social responsibility is to save water and keep the environment clean. Therefore, your best option is to opt for a mobile car wash company that uses steam cleaning.

Our pocket friendly prices for cleaning your car at home will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Why waste your time waiting in a line when you can call the experts? Schedule an appointment today.

Detailing Your Car At Home

Exterior Car Detailing Perth

You can help to prolong the life of your car with regular exterior car detailing Perth, and of course detailing it every now and then means it looks good too. In fact, detailing is as important as any other maintenance you carry out, and if you aren’t sure how to detail your car at home, here at Diamond Finish Car Detailing, we have these practical tips to get you started.

Cleaning the Wheels

You’ll need some degreaser or wheel cleaner solution, as well as a brush designed for the purpose. The dirtiest area of most wheels is the rim, which should be cleaned first. Scrub the grime out thoroughly, after leaving the solution on for at least a few minutes to allow it to soak.

You’ll also need a tyre cleaning solution which again should be left to soak. You can avoid a matte appearance and have a great looking glossy finish by letting it soak before wiping off with a cotton cloth.

Under the Bonnet

Everything under your bonnet should be sprayed with a degreasing solution, but only after you have carefully wrapped all the electronic parts with plastic to prevent them from being damaged. Use a pressure washer to wash it off after the degreaser has been allowed to soak.

For a glossy and clean appearance under the bonnet, use a vinyl or rubber protectant product.


Be careful if you have tinted windows on your car, although a standard glass cleaner is okay to use otherwise. Before using any cleaner on a tinted window, be sure it’s safe to use – a cleaner containing ammonia or vinegar may damage after market tinted windows, although there is less of a risk with a factory tinted window.

exterior car detailing perth
You can help to prolong the life of your car with regular exterior car detailing Perth, and of course detailing it every now and then means it looks good too.

Washing the Exterior

The top of your car should be cool to the touch and your car parked in some shade before washing the outside. To avoid the possibility of scratching the surface, always wash with a soft sponge or cloth, and start on the roof first, working down the sides of the car. Don’t let the soap suds dry on your car. Use a hose to rinse off your vehicle after it’s been scrubbed down.

Dry off your car with a soft towel, rather than letting it air dry which can lead to soap spots. For shiny looking wheel wells, use the vinyl dressing fluid again and get rid of any dirt or debris from the wheel wells.

Polishing or Waxing

You can protect your car’s exterior by waxing it, and give it a lovely glossy look by polishing it. An orbital buffer, dual action polisher can be used, or of course you can always do the job by hand. Always wax your vehicle after you have polished it and removed the polish, rather than before.

Call Diamond Finish Car Detailing if you need your vehicle detailed by a professional!

The Best Car Seat Cleaning Perth Services

Car Seat Cleaning Perth

People often worry about how to clean stains from their car seats. This quick guide will help you to properly clean car seats by removing spills, other messes, and unforeseen stains from it.

Cleaning cloth seats

Spills apart, car seats get contaminated each time someone sits on them and soil from their garment transfers into it. To restore them to their original glory, first vacuum them to suck up grime, which would otherwise get mashed into the seats, making them dirtier.

You need the following for the cleaning process:

Scrub pad or interior cleaning brush
Microfiber towel
Dry/wet vacuum
Car seat soap/ stain remover

car seat cleaning perth
Contact Diamond Finish Car Detailing if you want professionals to do your car seat cleaning Perth.

It is important that do not use too much soap while cleaning the upholstery, as it might seep into the padding underneath. It is better to isolate the area you want to clean and apply soap.

Use the brush gently to agitate the dirt and wipe it away with the microfiber towel. Use the vacuum to suck up whatever is left. This speeds up the drying process. To dry seats faster, park your car in the sun, open its windows, and/or place some portable fans inside it.

Cleaning a leather seat

Start by vacuuming the surface of the seat and its crevices to remove as much dirt as possible. Use a can of compressed air to clean hard to reach areas. You can find different products for cleaning leather seats. Some are “one step” cleaners whereas the others clean the seats while preserving the flexibility of the leather. Choose the method that suits you.

Some products require time to clean the leather whilst others clean it immediately. Remember to read the cleaning instructions and follow them.

Apply the cleaning product to the brush, not directly to the seat for cleaning perforated seats that have heating/ air conditioning capabilities. Turn on the car heater/ air conditioner to hasten the seat drying process.

car seat cleaning perth
You can find different products for cleaning leather seats. Some are “one step” cleaners whereas the others clean the seats while preserving the flexibility of the leather.

Cleaning vinyl car seats

You can easily clean vinyl upholstery by scrubbing it with a rag moistened with a mild detergent solution. You can also use products like ArmorAll, often used by people to wipe clean their dashboard clean. You will find dedicated vinyl care products on the market, including those that contain preservatives and UV protection chemicals.

Cleaning a child’s car seat

Uninstall the seat to clean it thoroughly. Pay attention how you remove the fabric, as you will have to put it back again, but in reverse order. Follow instructions on the user’s manual to wash the fabric. Most manufacturers recommend against putting the fabric in the dryer, as this could melt or shrink it, making it impossible to fix it back again.

Shake the dirt off the seat and use a damp rag to clean it. As you put the fabric back on the car seat, pay special attention to the harness straps, and ensure they go in straight through the belt paths. Remember to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual. You can also download the manual from the manufacturer’s website.

Contact Diamond Finish Car Detailing if you want professionals to do your car seat cleaning Perth.

How to Clean your Car Windows Properly

Helpful Guide to Car Window Cleaning

Keeping the windows and windshield of your car clean helps to improve the overall appearance of your car. Car window cleaning also helps improve visibility which allows for safer driving.

It can be difficult when cleaning your car windows to avoid being left with a streaky, messy finish that makes it even more difficult to see through than before.

To achieve squeaky clean crystal clear windows, it is important that you use the right techniques and products. To know more about how to clean car window, read the following guidelines listed below.

How to clean car interior windows?

When cleaning the inside glass of your car, avoid spraying the glass cleaner directly on the windows. Spraying directly can lead to wastage of the cleaner as only half of it actually strikes the window, while the rest spills on the interior components of your car.

As a result, not only is your clean up work increased, the plastic parts of your car interiors are also at a risk of being stained or damaged due to the presence of chemicals in them. To clean car interior glass, spray the cleaner on a cloth and then wipe the window.

car window cleaning

Use a microfiber cloth:

Although soft to touch, microfiber absorbs the glass cleaner and gently scrub away dirt from the windows. They are better cleaning option when compared to paper towels that shred easily or newspapers that leave behind ink stains over your car interiors while cleaning.

Wiping instructions:

When using a glass cleaner to wipe the glass, move in an up and down motion and then to the side to side motions. This will leave behind fewer streaks than when wiped in circular motions.

How to clean exterior car windows?

Washing your car first before cleaning the exterior windows will help eliminate much of dirt and bugs as possible and make your job cleaning windows easier.

Unlike interior windows cleaning, spray the cleaner directly on the exterior windows.

This will help dissolve the dirt stuck on the windows and make your wiping job easier. When cleaning front or back windshield, ensure that you do it sections to prevent the glass cleaner from drying before you get to it.

car window cleaning

Use a microfiber cloth:

Using a microfiber cloth for cleaning car exterior windows helps keep them squeaky clean. Ensure you use separate microfiber cloth the exterior and interior car window cleaning.

When cleaning outside windows, follow the similar wiping motions as inside glass cleaning, but use more pressure to eliminate the dirt and bugs stuck to the glass.

For best results, always clean windows in the shade or cooler temperatures. This will help prevent the cleaner from drying up before you can wipe it. You can also contact Diamond Finish Car Detailing for a faster and efficient outcome.

Important Steps in Car Cleaning Perth

Steps in Car Cleaning Perth

Keeping your car clean with consistent washes is necessary to maintain your vehicle and keep it looking new. If you are going to the trouble of cleaning your own car in Perth, you may as well give it the full wash, clean and polish treatment to get an amazing result.

How to do a DIY Car wash: Important Steps

Avoid Perth’s Direct Sunlight

Where possible, wash your car in a cool shady area. The Perth sun is particularly hot and because of it’s warm, dry climate it is best to be in the shade when cleaning your car in Perth. This will prevent any car cleaning product from drying out on the car and potentially staining or “spotting” the finish of your car.

Assess the condition of your Car

Evaluating the condition of your car can help you decide on how it should be cleaned. If your vehicle is new, you may just require a wash and wax to maintain it. However, if the exterior of your car looks average to neglected, it may need to be cleaned and polished as well.

Use your Car Cleaner carefully

The application of car cleaners can vary from vehicle to vehicle and brand to brand. It is therefore essential that you read the label on the cleaner and choose the one the suits your car type. Always use a premium microfiber cloth for cleaning the car. Ensure that you use a different one when cleaning the wheels, windows or when using the paint.

car cleaning perth
To achieve best results, it is highly recommended that you hire professional car cleaning service in Perth such as Diamond Finish Car Detailing.

Wash your car

Before washing your car, rinse your car to eliminate dirt that can scratch your car. Use a car washing soap, clean mitts and drying cloth while washing to remove dust, mud or dirt from the exteriors.

Inspect your car

After washing your car, you will notice the swirls, scratches, and oxidation of the paint and feel little bumps when you gently move your hand over the washed vehicle. It is now time to take a step further with your car cleaning.


Polish can be applied to your car either by hand or with a dual action polisher. Polishing your car before car wax can help add depth of colour and maximum gloss, especially on dark coloured vehicles.

Car Wax

Car wax is available in a carnauba or polymer form. While the performance of both these forms is similar, polymer allows easy application and is more expensive. Car wax helps protect your vehicle from the UV rays to prevent fading and helps preserves the high gloss finish of your car.


After washing, cleaning, and protection, it is important that you maintain its appearance. Always keep a clean microfiber cloth and spray detailer handy in your vehicle to quickly remove bird dropping, dust, and overspray.

If your car is clean, you can opt for one- step cleaner wax instead of following these daunting and time-consuming steps.

car cleaning perth
If you are currently driving a dirty car, it is time to do something about it. Contact Diamond Finish Car Detailing today.

Clean Car wheels

When cleaning car wheels, ensure that you use a cleaning product specially formulated for your wheel type. If you are uncertain about which product to use, opt for an acid — free pH balanced aluminium wheel cleaner that can be used on all types of wheels.

Clean Car Windows

Always use auto window cleaner for washing the windows. Wipe the cleaner twice to ensure that the cleaner is removed completely.

Seek Professional Help

Professional car cleaners have the equipment and expertise to clean your car. To achieve best results, it is highly recommended that you hire professional car cleaning service in Perth such as Diamond Finish Car Detailing.

How to Make Your Tyres Shine

Tips to Make Your Tyres Shine

Handmade tyre shine is a safe and good alternative to the chemical laden and costly products offered in the market. It is quite cheap as can make it from items typically found on garage shelves, bathrooms, and kitchens. As it does not contain health and environment damaging toxic substances, it is safe for the environment and you.

Read on to find out how to prepare an effective, cheap, and safe homemade tyre shiner.

– Alcohol
– Distilled water (optional)
– Mild dish soap
– Strong hand brush
– Two buckets of warm water
– A non-lint cloth
– Castor Oil

tyre shine
Driving around in a dusty, dirty car and can’t seem to find the time to polish it up? Let Perth detailing specialists, Diamond Finish Mobile Car Detailing, handle the dirty work for you.

Procedure and application of homemade tyre shine

  • Put a couple of drops of dish soap in a bucket of warm water and mix them properly. Dip a strong hand brush into the solution and scrub the tyres with it, ensuring that you scrub the grooves too. If the tyres contain excessive mud, let it rest for a few minutes then scrub again. Rinse each tyre thoroughly.
  • Spray the tyres with alcohol. This procedure efficiently removes remaining dirt & dust and strip off the old polish. The condition of your tyres determines the alcohol strength. Use pure alcohol if the tyres have lots of old polish.
  • Otherwise, use a mixture containing 50% distilled water and 50% alcohol. Fill an average sized spray bottle with the solution, and spray it on one tyre at a time, section by section.
  • Finally, use a micro fibre towel to wipe the tyres, and let the tyres dry totally. As the alcohol evaporates quickly, this should not take much time.
  • Coat the tyre with castor oil. It does not harm the environment or damage rubber, yet gives a shiny finish that vehicle owners love to see. Apply castor oil on the tyres with a lint-free cloth, and let it dry thoroughly.

The above-mentioned procedures that use simple materials and requires just three simple steps will show you how to make your tyres shine again. For Car Detailing Services in Perth, you can contact us today. We’ve got car detailing packages to suit any budget and any situation.